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We’re so glad to see you here. Please feel free to look around and see what we’re up to. So many online casinos are such impersonal places – how do you know anybody else is playing, in fact how do you know they are still in business? We love to talk to our players and want you to feel at home , so please send us lots of feedback.

You can leave comments on each post or you can send us messages directly using the contact page. Don’t be shy!

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The Harbour is not only the friendliest place to play, but it’s also the most rewarding! We offer a generous 125% bonus on your first deposit. We were actually voted one of the UK’s favourite slot sites for 2015.

We thought that if we offered you the best games, the hottest slots, and the prettiest live dealers, we would only be as good as everybody else, so we also added the friendliest players club, the best bonuses, and the chance to earn real prizes just for turning up and saying hello!

Learn about the Games

captain_presentSo many games, so little time… well that’s how it feels to us, so we want to help you work out which games YOU want to play. Just have look at our How to Play page and learn which  are best for you.

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